"Online Marketing Made Simple" 
Get Known And Found Online  

Plus 3 HOT Bonuses...

Here Is Everything You're Getting With This LIMITED TIME Offer...

If you want to attract qualified clients online ...without the expense of a PAINFUL learning curve and you want it fast (and at an amazing bargain), this is for you.

Here's what you're getting with your "Online Marketing Made Simple" Membership and how it can help you NOW.

  • Big Benefit #1

    Get Profitable: Build A Predictable Lead Generation Machine


    “Online Marketing Made Simple” will help you move prospects from stranger to strategy session to a HELL YEAH buyer! 

    Mark & Shannon, as you know, are famous for their "Speak Your Path To Cash" System that has helped the Big Impact Tribe generate over $42 Million from public speaking. That very same business and marketing education is at the foundation of successful online marketing. 


    But they have never revealed how they were able to go from making 100s of 1000s of dollars speaking on stages to attracting clients ONLINE...  like clockwork. 


    That. Is. Until. NOW.


    In this never before released membership program, they reveal their most closely guarded secret... how to build ONLINE marketing systems that keep things SIMPLE.


    It's like having them in the room with you... walking you step-by-step through the processes that help you AVOID OVERWHELM while showing you how to consistently attract qualified clients online.


    How amazing would it feel to experience...

    • Strategy sessions showing up on your calendar out of nowhere... week after week!

    • Certainty in the ability to attract qualified leads on demand and reach people all over the world

    • Invest in or purchase the things you need and deserve - like a Hawaiian vacation... a new car or  contribute to your retirement plan.

    Your PREDICTABLE LEAD MACHINE will help you get and remain profitable for years to come as you reach more people with your life changing services and important work.


  • Big Benefit #2

    Get Organized: Freedom and Clarity of Having Everything In One Place


    Listen, as an entrepreneur - you face a big risk.


    And that's putting all your time and energy into creating marketing content that nobody ever consumes, appreciates or responds to - it's can be such a time suck (and total bummer). 


    So most business owners do the usual.


    They dabble in social media, funnel building and webinars. Or, they totally go for it and invest heavily in "ads" with a Facebook guru while making a strong commitment to their marketing calendar, FB lives and email marketing. 


    But did you know that the most common result in that approach is DISORGANIZATION. And is actually VERY toxic? Lost or hard to find images, links, urls, passwords, usernames and ANOTHER social media post add to your feelings of overwhelm and chaos.


    You're buried in a sea

    of "Digital Disorganization"
    And can't find a f*cking ​thing!


    Not only that, it doesn't work and yet ALL YOU WANT is a plug and play, predictable system that gets qualified people on the phone for strategy sessions.


    That's why you MUST know the right way to keep things SIMPLE. The conscious way. The SAFE way. And the ONLY way to make your marketing profitable and fun.


    How cool will it be for everything in your business to have a home? To be grounded in a SYSTEM that works for you and fills you with CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY. 


    What would it be like to...


    • Create videos, FB lives, podcasts, blog posts, and social media post... that actually INSPIRE potential clients to hire you! (instead of hearing crickets)

    • Have the clarity of how all the pieces fit together so you can market yourself with intentions instead of "hope & pray."

    • Organize your “Marketing Assets” so they breathe life into an AUTHENTIC online presence you're proud of. 

    Everybody wants an organized, well oiled machine for a business - but only a few take the time to imagine how amazing it actually feels. This is the feeling that attracts clients... this is the feeling that makes you money. 


  • Big Benefit #3

    Get Confident: Feel the Certainty of Monetizing Your Message Online


    Think about the qualities you respect in people. Confidence... certainty... authenticity.  Aren't those the qualities YOU WANT in the people you hire?


    Now take a moment and get truly HONEST with yourself - have you been running your business in a way that exhibits these same qualities?


    You get rewarded in public for what you practice in private and if you don't have a predictable system for getting clients online - let's face it. Your CONFIDENCE is going to suffer - and people can smell it. 


    The confidence you're lacking as a business owner is
    directly ​tied to your lack of progress in marketing


    Taking control of your thinking and your actions will direct your business straight toward financial success. BUT - this requires something new... it requires a PATTERN INTERRUPT.


    Mark & Shannon are known (and totally appreciated) for simplifying the complex. Allow your mind to travel back in time... to that moment they introduced to you "The Phases of Business" and how that AHA MOMENT changed your mindset about business forever. 


    Everyone was like, "Pow - my mind was blown." Never before had anyone laid out for you the simplicity of how to build your business...  STEP-BY-STEP. 


    Isn't it time for you to step into "Phase 2: Leverage" and have an even BETTER experience and attract even MORE clients all over the world? 


    How cool will it be when you


    • Know exactly how to find and convert leads that CRAVE what you sell.

    • Use your online presence to attract speaking gigs, partnerships & 100s of LEADS at a time.

    • Elevate your BRAND so you can EFFECTIVELY STAND OUT above the noise online. 


    You're getting the point here.


    With "Online Marketing Made Simple" you learn the "sweet spot" of online marketing where you can achieve measurable results and build systems that attract clients online.. month after month.  This empowers you with CONFIDENCE and FREEDOM to be able to work (and play) from anywhere!


After spending 4 years and over $300,000 in their marketing education (lot's of failure) Mark & Shannon are launching the first course in the new "Phase 2: Leverage" curriculum of Big Impact University and want to offer you the online marketing systems they've been through hell to learn. Let their pain be your profit.


"Online Marketing Made Simple" is a steal of a deal and gives you the opportunity to leap forward in your understanding of technology, marketing strategy and "Conscious Capitalism."


Here's what you're gonna get...


  • Bonus 1: FREE Strategy Session Funnel

    Get this full funnel template that simplifies your efforts and walks you step by step through building a funnel designed to schedule strategy sessions online. This will be added to your Karta account as soon as you claim it. 

  • Bonus 2: Get a 30 Day Karta Trial For $1

    You’re tired of the overwhelm and frustration of technology - so we've got you covered. We LOVE Kartra... it's the smart phone of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.  This platform is SIMPLE and creates clean, beautiful pages... even if your not a tech wiz!

  • Bonus 3: Include Your Team

    By including your VA or team in every aspect of this membership, you’ll become more efficient with our step by step process for leveraging the POWER of Content Marketing... and the importance of keeping things simple.

Mark & Shannon spent 4 years searching...


But they COULD NOT find a system for getting strategy sessions online that was simple and cost effective. The closest thing they found was over $24,000 a year and was so complex it only made the confusion and overwhelm worse.  It wasn't until they created their OWN system that things started to really pop online. 


That's why they created "Online Marketing Made Simple" so that you now have a simple way to get qualified people on the phone for strategy sessions. This is a system that will make your business 100s of 1000s if not millions of dollars in the coming years. 


Combined with the kickass bonuses above this membership could easily sell for $1495/mo. But you only have until the timer strikes zero to get the limited time low monthly rate and take advantage of this awesome opportunity. 


Join the program now and give your business the boost it's been craving. 



Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and watch this video.


And as Mark & Shannon would say... 


In your corner and by your side, 


Team Big Impact

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